The "takedown of faketown!"

CNN it's Your Time


The Citizens of America will Not be Bullied, Menaced, or Mobbed by CNN.  Exposing Truth about CNN.

I'M an AMERICAN Citizen that practices Law.

It is time to hold CNN accountable. I am using every avenue available to Legally go after CNN for using their "Fake" News Platform to "Defame" "Bully" "Target" and "Destroy" Conservative Americans.

The Face of America Crying Out

CNN American Citizen are "OFF LIMITS"

CNN Has Gone from "Lying TO" Americans to "Lying ABOUT" American Citizens. We have been targeted!

Be a Plaintiff in the Class action against CNN: Coming Soon

Citizens that have been targeted, lied about, and Defamed by CNN. It's time we Take Action.


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The Legal "TakeDown" of CNN

A legal Movement of all American Citizens that are tired of being targeted by CNN and its Radical Bullying of Americans that Wave the American Flag or Voted for our President.


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